Kata. 21. Hungary. Budapest/Debrecen. International relations student. Family. Friends. Travelling. Reading. History. Poetry. Middle East. Iran. Persian language. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Writing. Movies. Game of Thrones. Godard. French new wave. Anna Karina. Jean Seberg. Russia. The Beatles. Coldplay. Oasis. Arctic Monkeys. Foster the People.BRMC. Mumford&Sons. Paolo Nutini. Fashion. Audrey Hepburn. France. Barcelona. Learning Languages. Coffee. Bicycles. Dancing. Underground concerts. Summer. The beach. Fruits. Sushi. Vintage. 60's. Andy Warhol. Twiggy. Scorsese. Woody Allen. David Fincher. Tarantino.
2008-10-21-212_2 Shaftesbury Gold Hill - Dorset England October 2008 by Martin-James on Flickr.
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